Friday, 10 April 2015

More about Cricket Coaching Summer Camp in Mumbai

Summer season is a camp season. Summer camps are the best recreational activities in summer vacations. It is always better to engage a child into constructive activities than to just let them watch dumb cartoons on the television or play video games and play station for endless hours during the vacation. This makes the children lazy and wastes a lot of energy gaining nothing.
In summer camps they make new friends, experience the fun of collective learning, group activities and enjoy the vacations better.         

Children are the most active creatures in the world. High on energies, spirit, no hesitations, limitations, fear of losing. Like newly wet clay all ready to get shaped in the most beautiful vase. Channelizing and shaping them with all the aspects is where parents are at work. Teachers, coaches, parents, mentors have a job of responsibility. Fitness, sports and games help in building up sporting spirit in children. Also, a child can develop a keen interest in a particular sport only on playing it.
Khiladi Connect takes the responsibility this summer season. They are introducing the children to the most popular sport; cricket and giving vigorous training from professional sport coaches through summer camps. The camps are organized in many parts of the country. The coaches are the professionals from the game. The summer camp is designed by Ranji Trophy coach and players Sandeep Dahad and Shridhar Mandale. Khiladi Connect is been formed with the motive of connecting to sportsmen, sport-lovers and sport aspirants across the world. The founders of Khiladi Connect have organized these cricketcoaching summer camps in various parts of Mumbai; Powai, Azad maidan, Vikhroli, thane and don bosco (matunga).

In the camp, children can learn and explore the game to the fullest. If a child develops the liking for the game he can continue playing it throughout his life. The camps give a better insight in the game and help children to decide if they want to continue with the game in the future.
Khiladi Connect believes in spreading the sport network and allow every sport-lover to play the sport they like. These Summer Camps are a step towards their mission. These camps can inspire and encourage the new age young cricketers to pursue the international games as their career. On boosting the talent and grooming them in the same. Sports bond people together. Sport is the biggest religion and summer camps are here to build this contemporary religion stronger and build a wider sport spectrum in the world.

Forms for Cricket Coaching summer camps are available on the website of Khiladi connect; . Do register your child and safeguard his place the soonest.   

Friday, 27 March 2015

Cricket Coaching Summer Camp by Khiladi Connect.....

Summer vacations have begun and parents are already hunting for summer workshops and camps for their kids. Here is a very good opportunity this summer. For all of them who aspire to become future cricketer, Khiladi Connect has organized a ‘Cricket Coaching Summer Camp’. The camp course is designed by coaches of Ranji Trophy cricket matches, Sandeep Dahad and Shridhar Mandale.
The camp will be conducted in various areas of Mumbai. Azad Maidan, Vikhroli, Thane, Don Bosco (Matunga) and Powai.  The camp will be mentored by qualified BCCI and ECB mentors. The best player in the camp will get free coaching free annual coaching.

Summer Camp

Khiladi Connect is formed to connect with sport lovers and sport aspirants throughout the country. On participating in the summer camp, you can create your account on Khiladi Connect and become a part of ‘Khiladi Connect Team’.
Register your kid’s name at soon as the camp has limited places on the basis of first come first serve basis. You can register on the website as the professionals too. Connect to khiladi connect on facebook and twitter and get to know more about events happening at Khiladi Connect. You can also be a part of the events.

Khiladi Connect brings to you the opportunity to play Cricket with some of the best coaches in our country.Refine and polish your cricketing skills this Summer with Khiladi Connect’s Cricket Summer Camp, For all the Cricket aspirants in the Mumbai join us for Khiladi Connect’s Cricket Summer Camp.Here is the perfect opportunity for your child – let them spend their time getting coached by the best coaches in our Country this summer.